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Latest release: 0.4, 2nd February 2002 (download)
Author: Steve Purcell, Pythangelist, Available for Python and Ruby on Rails consulting/training

WebUnit - a web testing framework for Python

What is it?

WebUnit is a framework for performing client-side automation of web applications by simulating a long-lived web browser session with one or more remote sites. Although it has many other uses, the primary aim of the project is to simplify the task of writing tests for web sites, possibly based on PyUnit.

The core module features cookie handling, tracking of redirects, file uploads, SSL support, and more.

Where is it?

There have been several releases. The release packages are hardly 'polished' but they have already been used to good effect on real projects. You are probably interested in one of the following:

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Contacting me

Feel free to send me e-mail using this form or directly to: stephen_purcell at yahoo dot com.

I am intermittently available for Python and Ruby on Rails consulting and training engagements in various application areas and on various platforms; details available upon request. (IT recruiters will save time by not bothering to contact me.)

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